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Stock Tins.

Tinplate hold a extensive range of silver tins and metal boxes in UK stock. Shapes vary from rectangular to rounded tins.These are brilliant for those working to a tight schedule, or who require smaller quantities. This may be the perfect packaging solution for your startup or brand when you're looking for something cost-effective, fast, safe, and effective. You can't really go wrong with tin; so use our tin printing services to get to market, fast. 

Square Cake Tin

167 mm x 167 mm x 65 mm deep

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Hinged Lid Pencil Tin

181 mm x 76 mm x 22 mm deep

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Round Cake Tin

182mm diameter x 70mm deep

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DVD3 Amaray Size Tin

190 mm x 135 mm x 12 mm deep

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Hinged Lid Tin

192 mm x 126 mm x 75 mm deep

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DVD1 Tin to hold Amaray Case

195 mm x 140 mm x 15 mm deep

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XL Round Cake Tin

204mm diameter x 150mm deep

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A5 Hinged Lid Tin

220 mm x 160 mm x 25 mm deep

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Large Slip Lid Tin

244 mm x 185 mm x 60 mm deep

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A4 Hinged Lid Tin

310 mm x 220 mm x 25 mm deep

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Making It Personal.

Our range of stock tins benefit from a minimal lead time and a low minimum order quantity and still remain highly customisable. We are able to offer screen printing and embossing on the lids of the tins for logos, pictures or a phrase. The print and embossing can be applied separately, or combined to create a stunning raised effect.

We can also offer labels, either for lids or to wrap around the body of a tin. These are a great choice to add colour or different artworks across a single order of tins.

We are also able to supply foam inserts to ensure that your product sits inside a stock tin to display the contents in a smart, professional way, with a perfect fit and extra security.

Tin is recyclable, durable and with a variety of options each stock tin can look individual and tailormade to ensure that your brand stands out on the shelf and remains in the home. Stock tins are the perfect choice for a start-up, limited line or anyone looking for a fast, cost effective solution for their packaging.

Our Customers Love Us.

Here’s a few lovely things our customers have said.

“Thank you so much for the ongoing support that you give to Whittard, at all stages of the process. We were delighted to win the coveted Packaging Re-Brand Award at the UK Packaging Awards, and recognise the part Tinplate played in helping us achieve this great accolade.”

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“Beautifully printed and embossed range of square tins fit for pouring hot wax into without leakage. This new range was a big success and customers delighted.”

“Our Christmas tin range has been amazing & Tinplate are part of that success. Thank You!”

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