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Comparing Affordable Coffee Packaging For Small Businesses

Comparing Affordable Coffee Packaging For Small Businesses

As a small business, it’s vital to consider all aspects of your product and delivery to grow a keen customer base. Choosing the correct coffee packaging is key, as it forms the first impression that purchasers will have of your brand. The options range from coffee tins to coffee tubes, coffee pouches or even a coffee bag. It’s important that the packaging maintains the quality, taste and aroma of the delicious coffee inside, and so it must be opaque, non-absorbent and be resistant to light and heat. Not only does it need to be functional and fit with the brand aesthetic, both the materials and sourcing element of the packaging need to meet the ever-growing requirement of sustainability. Packaging amounts to 3% of the carbon footprint for the entire coffee supply chain!

All of this comes at a cost, so between coffee tins, coffee pouches and coffee bags, which is the best affordable coffee packaging?

Price comparison of a coffee tin vs coffee tube or coffee bag

There is a wide assumption that coffee tubes are more affordable than coffee tins, however, this is often not the case, as the material cost of tinplate is very competitive. Rigid packaging such as a coffee tin provides more protection to the contents and has a more luxurious appearance, despite being a comparative cost price. Where a coffee bag may be a lower unit cost than coffee tins, coffee tins may warrant a higher sell price of the end product. This is due to the larger perceived value of the coffee tin, which improves the commercial prospects of the retail item.

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Sustainability of coffee tins

Coffee tins are reusable, refillable and have longevity in the home as they can be repurposed rather than disposed of as a single-use item. When a coffee tin does come to the end of it’s life, it can be fully recycled. Furthermore, they contain recycled tin content from a whole range of industries that feed back into the same sustainable, virtuous cycle. Coffee tins can be printed using vegetable based inks in any design, but even the plain silver appearance of unprinted tinplate looks premium. Tactile texture can be added using embossing and debossing, without the need for added, unnecessary materials. Coffee tins come in an array of shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to find suitable round, square or rectangular tin packaging that is the most efficient for shipping, with no wasted space during transit.

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Sustainability of coffee bags

Coffee pouches & bags are single-use and generally end up in landfill. Multilayered coffee packaging is recommended to provide an additional protective layer to the coffee, but this sometimes entails a second layer of plastic or aluminium, which makes the coffee bag hard to separate and recycle correctly. Eco-friendly kraft paper or biodegradable materials are great options but are often an expensive choice.

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Accessibility of coffee tins

The design of a coffee tin improves its visual appeal and impact on the shelf but also affects accessibility for the end consumers. Large legible fonts can be used on the coffee tin body and lid, so that the branding is easy to recognise and is user-friendly to a wide audience. Coffee tins are available with a range of constructions; a screw lid, plug lid or simple lift-off slip lid to ensure easy opening & closing of the coffee packaging.

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Conclusion on the best coffee packaging to choose for your small business

Developing the right coffee packaging involves striking a balance between purpose, design, cost and sustainability and it’s important to consider each of these factors when choosing which format is best for your coffee. There are benefits to each style, and it’s wise to investigate all avenues. If you would like to find out more about coffee tins, pricing and options available, please get in touch here and one of the team will be happy to help guide your search.

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