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Packaging Design Trends 2024

Packaging Design Trends 2024

Tinplate know that eye-catching and thoughtful package designs are key to allowing packaging to reflect the product and the brand. We keep up to date with the latest packaging trends and developments to best help your custom packaging stand out on the shelf.

Here is a selection of packaging designs we’re expecting to catch attention in 2024:

Package Designs with a message

Design isn’t only about looks and function, it can also be used to promote a message; whether this is about sustainability, or fair prices for farm workers, or a brand’s core values.

The shape and use of secondary packaging can also have an impact. More and more consumers are questioning packaging designs in terms of sustainability. Is this packaging to be reused in the future? What does the packaging say about the company’s core values? Delphis Eco put these packaging trends and concepts to good use when they designed their bespoke storage tins, designed to be reused again and again; showcasing the tinplate material, an infinitely recyclable choice to highlight the brands sustainable ethos.

Cut Outs and Windows

A ‘cut out’ design on bespoke packaging is expected to be a big design trend throughout the 2024 packaging industry.

A cut out or window to a product can achieve multiple uses: the consumer gets a tantalising glimpse of the product, the cut out itself creates interest and texture, and depending on the design and placement, it can allow the packaging to live on with a second life. We love these Liz Earle tins, designed to be reused as lanterns, the cut outs around the heart glow like fireflies when a candle is placed inside the tin. The beautiful design and dual use sets the pace for beauty packaging trends and mean that the customer is sure to keep this on display in the home for a long time to come.

Textured package designs

When designing packaging it is helpful to appeal to all the senses, particularly sight and touch. At Tinplate we know an exquisitely designed tin is impossible not to pick up and touch. Interesting use of debossing, and embossing can further add to the tactile sensation of holding a premium tin in your hands.

Current packaging trends are to create rock and earth textures in packaging. These can relate directly to the product and become a reminder to take care of the natural environment all around us. 

The texture doesn’t have to be complicated, by using clever colour and design choices a simple crack can create the look and feel of earth or rock.

A bottle of oil with a black and orange design

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Pentawards Trends 2023-2024 – Istriana


Many packaging designs are using numbers as a key part of their branding, whether this relates to a specific anniversary, or the best time to enjoy the product, or focussing on the weight or portion size. 

We love Island Chocolate’s tin designs, which have the chocolate percentage front and centre on their bespoke packaging. The numbers are eye catching, and the percentage tells the customer that the product is authentic. They have also used well placed print and emboss to showcase the actual size of their chocolate buttons,  further reassuring the customers of the product inside and making opening the wonderful tin even more tempting.

A group of containers with labels

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Interactive packaging has become a major feature in the packaging industry and you should expect to see this trend continue in 2024. This can be from QR codes on artwork, to movement created in the packaging itself. 

B.U ensured the secondary packaging for their trendy fragrance brand stood out in a busy beauty industry by developing moving, interactive packaging.

Cleverly utilising the ‘cut out’ trend, a cut out in the lid reveals a statement and the customer twists the base to reveal alternative hidden statements, according to each girls mood and attitude!

Marketed towards the GenZ generation this allows the customer to alter the packaging to reflect themselves, promoting individuality. 

Not only does the secondary packaging reflect the brands manifesto ‘be yourself’, it’s also fun and playful; encouraging the consumer to touch and interact with the packaging.

Creating a packaging trend that is collectable and encourages multiple purchases there are many different designs and fragrances to choose from, and each tin is exquisitely printed internally and externally, and embossed for a further tactile experience.

We can’t wait to see how brands interpret these current packaging trends and create some wonderful custom packaging in 2024.

Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help your new tin packaging. 

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