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Contract Packing 1.5 Million Tea Sachets

Contract Packing 1.5 Million Tea Sachets

We are thrilled to announce that out contract packing facility in Wiltshire has recently gone through an extensive refurbishment and is now better than ever. Investing in contract packing is something we’ve taken very seriously as we know it helps our clients manage their costs and sets us apart from our competitors. Being able to offer brilliant packaging and packing under one roof is definitely a labour of love – imagine packing 1.5 million tea sachets into tea tins, making sure each sachet is pristine with its label and string placed just so – perfectly poised for eager tea-drinkers’ hands. All in a day’s work for the busy Tinplate packing team!

Soil Association Certified Contract Packing Facilities

But it’s not just tea that we pack – we do lots of interesting packing at our premises thanks to some other exciting developments. We are so pleased to announce that we have now been officially Soil Association certified as well. The Soil Association provides a vital service for UK consumers and manufacturers, setting out rules and standards which ensure that consumers are buying genuinely organic products that can be fully traceable back to the farm of origin. Organic standards cover all aspects of organic food certification including production and packaging, animal welfare, wildlife conservation and the banning of any unnecessary and harmful food additives in organic processed foods.

Our certification ensures that our contract packing facility meets strict organic standards and rules set at UK, European and international levels. Emma Hanson, Managing Director of Tinplate Products, commented: “We are proud to confirm that our Wiltshire factory has recently undergone an extensive upgrade and our all-new clean room has played a big part in achieving Soil Association accredited status.

Packaging and Packing Under One Roof

With our new and improved packing facility, we can make our clients’ lives easier by providing ready-to-retail final products, and not just the beautiful packaging. All products at our packing facility are placed in their tins with care. We use tamper seals where we need to, and make sure to keep your packaging intact throughout. After all, we were part of the packaging design ourselves so we know how much it means to you. It’s an extra service we love to do for you, and we genuinely relish the moment that those tea tins leave our facility, ready to be opened by delighted tea-drinkers at home.

If you are interested in our contract packing options as well as our amazing tins, please contact us now.

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