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Sustainable Packaging for Food

Sustainable Packaging for Food

Sustainability is a mandatory factor to consider when designing packaging for food in 2023. It is particularly important for food brands to implement, because food packaging is one of the largest contributors of single-use plastic and disposable materials into landfill sites. Plastic is now viewed very negatively, as it is widely known to increase carbon emissions and pollute the environment, air, soil and even find its way into the animals and fish that we consume. Brands are choosing to make greener choices to create sustainable packaging for food, while also improving their brand image and relationship with their customers.

sustainable packaging for food

Optimal sustainable packaging for food should protect the food, be high quality and long-lasting while limiting its impact on the environment. Paper and card materials are popular alternatives to plastic, but also account for 20% of all waste in landfill*. Glass is another option for sustainable packaging for food as it can be recycled, however it is heavy to transport, and the manufacturing process increases the carbon footprint of the product.

Why is sustainable food packaging important?

Sustainable food packaging, such as aluminium tin packaging, is crucial for businesses to minimize environmental impact. This eco-friendly alternative reduces carbon footprint, conserves resources, and promotes recycling. Customers increasingly prioritize eco-conscious choices, making sustainable packaging a key selling point. Embracing such practices not only aligns with corporate social responsibility but also enhances brand reputation, attracting environmentally conscious consumers. In the long term, investing in sustainable packaging for food ensures a resilient supply chain, mitigates regulatory risks, and fosters a positive relationship with both customers and the planet, ultimately securing the success and longevity of the business.

What is Biodegradable food packaging UK?

Biodegradable food packaging in the UK refers to environmentally friendly materials that break down naturally, minimizing ecological impact. Specifically designed for packaging for food, these solutions decompose into natural elements, reducing landfill waste. Embracing biodegradable options aligns with sustainability goals, meeting consumer demands for eco-conscious practices in the food industry. From compostable bags to plant-based containers, such packaging fosters a circular economy, contributing to long-term environmental health. As businesses prioritize sustainability, biodegradable food packaging becomes a pivotal element in minimizing the carbon footprint of the packaging for food sector, addressing both consumer expectations and environmental responsibilities.

What is the best sustainable packaging for food materials?

Instead, tin and aluminium are great choices, as they are infinitely recyclable. Tinplate contains recycled material and is part of a virtuous cycle, rather than produced using only virgin material. Tin is a quality material that is durable and protects the product inside, ensuring that from store to door, the end consumer receives goods in perfect condition. Furthermore, the tin can live a second-life as storage or be sustainably repurposed for another function. Tins can be fully printed with vegetable-based ink, and coated internally with a food-safe lacquer to ensure the food inside won’t be compromised. Peel-off membrane ends with or without de-gassing valves are also an option, for optimized shelf-life of the product, such as direct fill of coffee. Tinplate food packaging is available in a range of shapes and the size can be adjusted to exactly suit each product. This is very efficient, eliminating wasted space and using less material.

sustainable packaging for food

If you are interested in developing tin or aluminium packaging for food, get in contact with Tinplate and we will be happy to discuss your project in more detail or for more information take a look at our Corporate Social Responsibility page.

*Source: CPD Online

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