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Valentine’s Day: The Story of Gifting & Chocolate Tins

Valentine’s Day: The Story of Gifting & Chocolate Tins

Valentine’s Day is a romantic celebration and a big day in the product marketing calendar. This festival of love is officially here to stay; people in Britain spend over a billion pounds every year on romantic keepsakes, chocolates, and flowers. If your products are sold at Valentine’s, why not wrap them up in a tin presentation box to capitalise on this romantic holiday?

Victorian Valentine’s: Cadbury invents the chocolate box

The Victorians are responsible for giving us Valentine’s Day as we know it today. Due to increased industrialisation, people were able to buy cards and manufactured keepsakes for their nearest and dearest. The rise of the romantic Valentine’s Day card, complete with poems and roses, became the ultimate way to show your appreciation.

Did you know…? John Cadbury, Birmingham’s enterprising chocolatier and businessman, was one of the first who made this luxury product available to the masses. Cadbury started marketing his box of chocolates, complete with elaborate keepsake heart-shaped boxes, as the perfect Valentine’s gift. Even back then, Cadbury recognised the importance of packaging as a way to make his product even more special.

The beautiful chocolate tins and boxes, covered in flowers and Cupids, became a permanent home for love letters and tokens. The longevity of these chocolate tins means that even today they often turn up at antique auction houses– they are now highly-prised collectibles.


Traditional Valentine’s reinvented

Though there is still a market for old-school romance, specialist product packaging is all about elevating a product and making it tell a story. With the right packaging, almost anything can become special and romantic (and pink hearts are optional).

How your company can make the most out of Valentine’s

The UK’s Valentine industry is worth a staggering  £1.3 billion annually – romance is alive and well amongst the British. Are you making the most out of this lucrative time of year?

If you have a product that people are likely to gift each other – why not make the whole gifting experience more special with a keepsake tin? Tin is a durable and infinitely versatile packaging material that offers so much in terms of quality.

Use your product packaging to tell a story – make it into something people are going to treasure over the years (just like those first Cadbury chocolate boxes).

Whether you want to go for vintage and retro, or sleek and contemporary – tin makes the perfect packaging for a special gift during this special time of year.

We at Tinplate Products wish everyone a love-filled Valentine’s Day! If you want to find out more about creating a special gifting experience for your brand – call us on 01666 841 600.


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