Darwin Escapes.

Tins to hold memories that last a lifetime.

Tins to hold memories that last a lifetime.

Tins to hold memories that last a lifetime

Darwin Escapes is a holiday resort operator that endeavours to deliver the perfect holiday experience for their guests. Originally guests checking-in were given a number of loose items which were cumbersome to handle and unprofessional in their presentation.

Darwin Escapes tasked BZ Marketing to streamline the information and find a fun and sturdy receptacle. A suitcase was an obvious choice and BZ came straight to Tinplate to develop a tin.

Solving problems but taking the opportunity to create something fun

Tin was a confident choice for practical and creative reasons; the strong material made it robust enough to perform its function of holding the required information, while tin harked back to children’s tin toys. This made the suitcase tins perfect mementos of the guests’ stays and utilised one of the key benefits of tin; it is long-lasting and can be cherished for a lifetime.

The product gained fans among children and adults alike

Not only did the popularity prompt the client to introduce further tin designs each year, it also incentivised holidaymakers to start collecting the tins as keepsakes of their stay. The hugely positive reception led to extra tins being available for sale at each resort, as there was only one tin available per holiday home. In addition, Tinplate worked with BZ Marketing to produce a Christmas design for added seasonal sparkle!

This is a clear example where tin packaging ticked all of the boxes and more, with what was initially a complimentary container which later became a sought-after retail item and keepsake.

“We found working with Tinplate a very productive and stress-free experience, with any minor problems encountered handled professionally and quickly. The client was delighted. ”

Creative Director of BZ Marketing

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