Tick Tock.

Timeless tin for classic tea.

Timeless tin for classic tea.

Tea Times Trading were looking for a new tea caddy for their brand ‘Tick Tock Tea’. This was the first tin they were launching for Tick Tock and they wanted this packaging to reflect the quality ingredients and appeal to their target market.   Their primary objective was to reward their loyal customers  by giving them a ‘Tick Tock’ keepsake into which repeat purchases of the tea would be decanted.

Tea Times Trading have worked with us before on tins for their other branded projects, so they already knew the benefits of using tin and they were aware of our methods and customer service.

Our customers often already have a concept and a design in mind and we work with them to meet these expectations. However, Tea Times Trading looked to us as a bespoke tin supplier with experience and expertise to share creative concepts with them and assist in developing their design.

We presented a visual illustration of a number of different tin designs and artwork to illustrate the many different possibilities that tin can offer. These tins varied in shape and lid styles and we suggested options to meet their brief: retro, but not old fashioned.

Tea Times Trading chose a modern rectangular tin with a hinged lid to work with their current logo and artwork.  Once they had made their choice we worked with them to produce cutter guides for the tin shape and size and the placement of their artwork. We worked meticulously to match printed colour to artwork to ensure that branding is consistent.

“It’s always great when client’s ask us to be there at the start of their creative journey. Capturing the vision of Tea Times Trading from the offset gave time to explore different ideas that led to the eye-catching retro tin that still graces supermarket shelves today. It was a pleasure to work on this award-winning brand.”

Tea Times Trading Account Manager

Results Achieved.

Making an impact.

It was fantastic to be involved in such an early stage of the process and to feel that we’ve been able to have an impact on such a high quality tin design. With nearly forty years’ experience we have an excellent knowledge of packaging options and we pride ourselves on setting trends rather than following them.

Perfect Addition.

Tea Times Trading were excited by the finished product and we are delighted to have given the guidance and creative support to bring this high quality tin to market. We are confident the tin will be a perfect addition to their range.

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