Willie’s Cacao Packaging – The Golden Pod.

A true celebration of cacao with luxury Chocolate Packaging.

A true celebration of cacao with luxury Chocolate Packaging.

Willie’s Cacao is a luxury chocolate brand that lovingly creates “bean to bar” chocolate to introduce customers to what they describe as the beautiful dancing flavours of real chocolate. With that in mind, when Tinplate were asked to create a bespoke tin for them, we were incredibly excited to take on the challenge of capturing the brand’s essence within their packaging.

The Concept behind the luxury Chocolate Packaging

The concept was a tin in the unique shape of a cacao pod, which has now become iconic for Willie’s Cacao. The bespoke project was a great example of bringing an innovative concept to life through the extremely versatile material of tin.

The luxury chocolate packaging process

An artist sculpted a clay cast of a cacao bean, which we used to make a vac-form mock-up to send to our toolmaker. We drew up 3D drawings to open the new tooling mould and produced initial samples.

The mould required several tweaks to meticulously ensure every aspect was perfect; the depth and size of each groove in the pod, the lid fit and closure and working out how the tin could naturally sit on a surface without rolling. This stage was so worthwhile, as the results really pushed the boundaries in tin-making.

Willie’s Cacao Luxury Chocolate Packaging End Result

The tin substrate allowed for the detail of a cacao pod to be shown and the golden lacquer added a beautiful, premium finish to the packaging. The golden pod adds to the customer experience because it opens with a champagne-like pop to reveal a treasure of sea salt caramel pearls, and is something to be treasured long after the chocolate has been enjoyed.
After the great success of the golden pod, we collaborated with Willie’s Cacao again to develop a mini version and they both continue to be a part of the brand’s eye-catching assortment today.


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