Perfect Packaging, Perfectly Packed.

Perfect Packaging, Perfectly Packed.

Pukka’s philosophy is to create a better world through business.  In order to do this is it essential to ensure that their carbon footprint is minimal and every aspect of their product is organic; from the herbs in their tea to the string on their teabags.

Tin is a perfect choice for Pukka as it is beautiful, durable and completely recyclable. Taking advantage of our contract packing facilities also meant that we could ensure quality, keep costs low and remain as environmentally friendly as possible. We did this by limiting another onward delivery cost, checking the quality of each tin and repacking into smaller cartons.

In order to pack for Pukka we needed to have Soil Association approval. This accreditation is only allocated when the facilities meet strict organic standards, allowing for all stages of the process to be traced back to ensure that every aspect of the product is sourced and supplied organically.

Our clean room was inspected and we pulled together the relevant information and we were delighted to pass the audit and receive certification in July 2016 which we continue to hold.

“Pukka and Tinplate have worked collaboratively on multiple packaging projects across the last 6 years. The team at Tinplate are a joy to work with and the effort they put in is reflected in the quality of the products they produce. They really go the extra mile to ensure their customers requirements are met and work to ensure budgets and expectations are also well managed. They have produced some really beautiful items which reflect Pukka and are loved by our Customers and Colleagues.”


Results Achieved.

Supporting Pukka

It is essential that we are able to support our clients with the best service possible. For Pukka this not only meant producing a charming and well-crafted tin, but also supplying gift tags and obtaining the relevant accreditation to contract pack on their behalf.

Efficient, Accurate and Quality Controlled

There were over twelve processes involved in packing each tin, including separating each batch by end destination, applying labels and gift tags and filling with multiple tea sachets. We ensured that the packing process was efficient, accurate and closely quality controlled.

Happy Clients

Pukka were thrilled with the results and have always been delighted with the service that we provide. We have since worked with them on new tin designs and they have continued to use our in-house packing facilities on other projects.

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