Fortnum & Mason Metal Tea Tins.

Exquisite metal tea tins for exquisite teas.

Exquisite metal tea tins for exquisite teas.

Fortnum and Mason’s Tea Infusion range includes a number of exquisitely paired teas and herbs which required stylish metal tea tins to pair.

These metal tea tins are designed to appeal to a young, health-conscious audience looking for alternative products and a new favourite tea. Fortnum & Mason contacted us for a new packaging design concept that would help display the product’s quality ingredients, tailored infusions and the heritage of their brand.

With a number of different infusions available it was essential that each flavour was unique yet coherent with the rest of the range.

We worked to develop a sleek, tall tin that reflected the simple elegance of Fortnum & Mason and would stand above other products on the shelf. The plug lid seals the metal tea tins to ensure the freshness of the tea inside, but also includes a delicate embossed bumblebee. On the very top, Fortnum & Mason is embossed to reinforce the brand and the quality of their product.

We printed directly onto the tinplate to create a metallic sheen, which is brought to life with the illustrated floral and herbal components. The intricate artwork is juxtaposed with a clear debossed label in a matt colour giving a contemporary feel to the overall look.

“We were delighted with the finished product and the results it has produced. The design stands out on the shelves, illustrates the exquisite infusions inside and is a beautiful keepsake that many customers will continue to treasure in their home.”

Peter Windett, Creative Director

Results Achieved.

Sales exceeded expectations by 95%

Fortnum & Mason saw a large increase in sales with the release of the new packaging, which launched in March 2017. The sales growth of the Infusion ranges increased by 95% of the expected sales.

Like for like growth was 320%

In comparison to the same period of sales for the previous range this represented a staggering 320% increase.

Packaging was nominated for prestigious awards

Fortnum & Mason was not only rewarded with exceptional sales of the Infusions range, but the tins were also finalists in the UK Packaging Awards 2017.

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