Oil Can Grooming.

Brilliant packaging in a booming market.

Brilliant packaging in a booming market.

The male grooming industry is growing at an incredible rate.

Businesses are developing products that are not only practical but appeal to a lifestyle. Historically, men have spent more on shaving products than any other cosmetic, but with facial hair also on trend right now, Oil Can Grooming have targeted a market that care about both the appearance of themselves and the lifestyle it portrays.


Oil Can Grooming pride themselves on the quality of their products and standing out from a crowded marketplace. Using the finest ingredients for the oils, it was essential that the packaging enhances the product and reflects the story of their brand.

Oil Can Grooming contacted us to produce a striking packaging design for their shaving and beard oil, a design which would be the very centrepiece for the entire brand. Working to Oil Can Grooming’s requirements, we produced a small tin referencing the shape of a classic engine oil can. This design is both contemporary and retro and the shape and design of the tin elude to oil slicked mechanics working on railroads while appealing to a very fashionable modern market.

The striking oil can grooming tin is also functional; the shape allows for oil to be poured with precision, the PE lined screw lid limits leaks and spills, and the use of tin adds value to the overall product. This design is clean and beautiful and has been created to have pride of place in the most discerning man’s grooming kit.


“Working with OCG has been fantastic; the mini oil can concept with such intricate details has really set them apart in an industry where brands need packaging to really stand out on shelf in order to establish themselves.

Oil Can Grooming Account Manager

Results Achieved.

Increased Range within 2 years

Oil Can Grooming started by launching two designs, but as the success of their products became clear within two years they've now increased the range to four unique fragrances. Each one being a different colour to reflect the scent within.

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