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Candle Packaging Ideas

Candle Packaging Ideas

Luxury candle packaging ideas by Tinplate.

Tin Candles are an excellent example of how packaging and branding can add a huge amount of value to the product. Whilst the fragrance of a candle is usually the key feature many customers will choose based on branding and design rather than the scent. This is especially true as more and more choose to order online where experiencing a fragrance is not possible.

We’ve selected some of our favourite examples of creative candle packaging ideas to help inspire you with ideas.

Penhaligon’s Elixir Candle

Penhaligon's Elixir bespoke Candle packaging

Penhaligon’s Elixir Candle packaging

Of course, everything that Penhaligon’s produces is elegant, and the Elixir Candle is no different.

The Penhaligon’s branding is displayed in a beautiful gold. The eye catching black glass is striking and luxurious.

The gift box itself is exquisite with fantastic shelf appeal.

Can to Candle: Candle Packaging Ideas

candle packaging ideas

Can To Candle

Can to Candle produce soy tin candles hand poured in Scotland. We love the rustic feel of the candle packaging. It’s contemporary, simple and artisan. The labels give a unique feel to each candle, adding a more personalised touch.  As aluminium is completely recyclable these candles are also a great choice for any consumer trying to limit their environmental impact.

Wax Lyrical Bauble Candle Packaging

Wax Lyrical Bauble Candle - bespoke candle tins

Wax Lyrical Bauble Candle

At first sight you would be forgiven for assuming that this is just a Christmas Tree Decoration. It’s only when you open the tin you see that is a candle encased inside. Wax Lyrical’s design shows how packaging can be playful and surprising, whilst still remaining elegant and practical.

Tin Candles are strongly linked to Christmas and this design combines festive shapes and scents with the candle itself. Available in three different colours and fragrances there would be an option to suit everyone.

Country Candle Company Tin candles

bespoke candle packaging

The Country Candle Company

These UK made bespoke candles are hand-poured close to our own offices in the Cotswolds.

We love this Country Candles gift set. The labels are beautiful, with complimentary scents and colours and this selection is the perfect choice for a Christmas gift. Both cardboard and tin are recyclable, limiting waste and reducing further damage to the environment.

Le Labo

bespoke candle packaging

Le Labo

This design is modern, stylish and unique. The creative candle packaging look might not be to everyone’s taste, but the dented can and retro label certainly stand out. This is unlike any other candle packaging we’ve seen before and shows how a different direction can make an impressive statement.

The DL & Co ‘Pomme’ Rouge Luxury Candle Packaging

bespoke Candle packaging

Our final candle packaging idea, the DL & Co ‘Pomme’ Rouge Candle

Any DL & Co candle could be on the list, but we love this stylish soy bespoke and creative candle encased in an enamel apple with a brass stem. The packaging really takes centre stage and is made to be treasured and displayed. This is incredibly distinctive and extremely special.

Why is the Packaging Important?

Packaging has a large influence on a person’s decision to purchase and recently consumers are becoming increasing aware of packaging waste with more and more choosing recyclable options.

There are recent trends for reusing the packaging of consumable items and Osmology have some great tips for repurposing beautiful candle jars once the wax has burnt down.

If you are feeling inspired please contact us to discuss how we can enhance your product packaging.

We offer three candle tins from stock with a minimum order quantity of only 100 units. These tins are also suitable for labelling and embossing. Here is our Standard Metal Candle Tins, our Luxury Candle Packaging and our Gold Candle Tins.

We also create beautiful bespoke tin packaging suitable for candles in many shapes and sizes.

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