Liz Earle Christmas Lanterns 2021.

Sustainable Christmas Lanterns.

Sustainable Christmas Lanterns.

Liz Earle Tin

British beauty brand Liz Earle has always strived to deliver natural care beyond expectations, at the heart of every creation from Liz Earle is a kindness towards nature. The brand boasts biodiversity, a passion for sustainability and a truly treasured love of nature; and teamed up with Tinplate, who have the vital sustainability credentials that they require.

Liz Earle Christmas 2021…Share The Love

Liz Earle Christmas gifts, Share The Love, was a design series of evocative photographic scenes viewed from overhead, as if walking through magical English woodlands.

At the centre of each composition is the gentle natural glow of a heart, as if created by delicate fireflies, that encircle the Liz Earle brand, representing their love for nature.

This creativity inspired Christmas lanterns tin with diecut shapes depicting the fireflies, adding an extra dimension to the artwork.

Realising a potential safety issue of fingers catching on the raw edges of material, Tinplate worked with the design team to adjust the size and positioning of the diecut holes to solve the problem while keeping the essence of the design.

Liz Earle Christmas Lanterns: Product Development…

Beginning in October 2020, the Liz Earle tin process was smooth with one small alteration to the artwork as the only obstacle faced. Tinplate sourced samples of handles and a variety of tooling options to Liz Earle for them to sense check sizes and pick their tooling preference.

Tinplate produced pre-production samples which, once printed, the client could see that the artwork colour had been lost due to the darkness of the colour choices; the client tweaked the artwork and Tinplate produced flat print for sign off before proceeding to manufacture bulk.

It was essential the Christmas Lanterns packaging would be re-used, beautiful and multi-functional; easily recycled in different ways by the end consumer. Being crafted from the most sustainable choice possible and keeping with the principles that run deep within the brand ethos, the final product is a multifunctional gift that brings the brand and its values to life for the consumer…delighting the recipient with a beautiful, heart-warming Liz Earle tin.

““Having worked with Tinplate on several exciting projects over the years, we were always confident that the brief for our 2021 range would be achievable. Its fair to say that the end product really did exceed our expectations. The pre-production samples that were floating around the office for a while drew lots of attention from our cross functional teams here on the Isle of Wight.
The development process from concept to fruition was, as previous years, a smooth one, with the Tinplate team going above and beyond in supporting us with some last minute amends to designs and artworks. The end result is a beautiful range of tins, executed to an extremely high quality standard that are adored by our consumers, and no doubt now being put to good use in lots of different ways within peoples homes.
Big thanks to the Tinplate Team for all of their effort and support as always.””

Packaging Manager at Liz Earle Beauty Company

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