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Take a Peek at the Top Tin Design Trends for 2020

Take a Peek at the Top Tin Design Trends for 2020

Tin design trends can inform much of your daily life. Think of classic examples like the Coca Cola bottle, the Quality Street tin or the Pringles tube. Their packaging defines them and is instantly recognisable in homes around the world. Choosing the right packaging can turn your product into an icon and leave a lasting memory in your customers’ minds for years to come. At Tinplate we understand the importance of choosing the right tin packaging and are constantly on the lookout for the latest, and greatest, in tin product design trends. Here are some things to look out for in the future.

Tin Design Trends

Minimalist Design

Example Minimalist Design Tin - Dyson Tin
Minimalism is a modern art form that is influenced heavily by abstraction and geometric shapes. With a focus on simple imagery, excessive use of negative space and a simple colour scheme, the minimalist tin design looks clean and modern. It is currently very popular in industries like microbrew beers. This sector is rich in colourful and illustrative design so brands have gone the other way to make their products stand out on the shelves.

Minimalism could be perfect for your product too if you want to convey professionalism, modernity and a chic shelf appeal.

Vintage Design

Example Vintage Design Tin - Captain Fawcett TinVintage design plays on everyone’s favourite rose-tinted feeling. Nostalgia. At a time where vintage is popular, from film to products, there is no time like the present to dig through the drawers and find some classic designs. Maybe a modern take on your company’s first logo. Or perhaps you want to recreate the innocence of Victorian advertising designs. No matter the route you take, vintage allows you to highlight the longevity of your brand.

Vintage design is great for family-focused brands. From biscuits tins to baked bean tins, there’s a warmth in vintage design that shows off your brand’s professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Ombre Design

Example Ombre Design Tin - Champneys Body Care tinOmbre is a French word meaning ‘shaded’. In design, an ombre is a gradual blending of colours from one hue to the next. Usually from light to dark or vice versa. It is popular in the beauty industry with hairstylists and nail technicians. From there the trend has boomed into home decoration, graphic design, tin packaging and even baking. In tin design, an ombre is perfect for adding a sense of mood or drama to your product. Tin products in ombre can take on many disguises like a burnished copper finish or blue fade that perfectly resembles a skyline. As a backdrop to other imagery and designs, an ombre gives your product a rich sense of depth that your customers are sure to associate with quality and indulgence.

Ombre tins are a must for any packaging that employs natural settings. Alternatively, an ombre can also create a faux weathered effect that enhances vintage designs.

Monochrome Design

Example Monochrome Design Tin - Hotel Chocolat Truffle TinMonochrome designs are debonair and professional. Like James Bond, products in black and white are effortlessly cool and leave your customers stirred and NOT shaken. Whether going with a black design on a white background or vice versa, monochrome is timeless. It is a popular choice with fashion brands, beauty products and home decor. The neutral palette also means that tin packaging can be upcycled for home use. This is a growing trend known as second life packaging. More on that below.

If you want your product to look sleek, professional and understated then a custom monochrome design is a must for you.

Tin Materials

Plastic-free Packaging

Example Plastic Free Tin - Nazani Tea Tin
Consumers are more conscious of single-use packagings like plastics and brands have started taking notice. The likes of Tesco, Sainsbury, Aldi, and Morrisons have all committed to replacing all single-use plastics by 2025 with recyclable materials. These grocery chains are the lifeblood of many brands and committing to sustainable packaging like tin is an absolute must. Tin is a great replacement with a wide variety of benefits including being recyclable, hardy, and versatile. What’s more, tin looks great on the shelf and adds a premium look to any product.

Second life Packaging

Example Second Life Tin - Whittard Tea Tin

Second life packaging is another way of describing upcycling. Tin packaging has been used as second life packaging for years with consumers up and down the country storing trinkets, buttons and sweets in an old biscuit, tea and chocolate tins. These little treasure chests can be accessorised and adapted to a wide range of functions. A flower box, pencil holder or key storage, tin makes for great second life packaging.

These consumer packaging trends look set to take the market by storm. Consumers are more and more committed to buying products that reinforce their lifestyle. Whether it’s protecting the environment, reliving your youth or embracing a bold new design, updating your design with these tin design trends is a surefire way to connect with your audience.

What’s Next for Tin Design?

At Tinplate, we continuously stay up to date on tin design trends by closely monitoring industry innovations and collaborating with design experts. Our dedication to staying ahead of the curve ensures that our tin designs remain contemporary and captivating. To explore how these trends have evolved, check out our latest insights in Packaging Trends 2023 and get a glimpse into the future with Packaging Trends 2024. Stay informed and inspired with Tinplate.

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