Peaches & Cream Makeup Gift Tin.

Eye-catching gift tins that make a statement.

Eye-catching gift tins that make a statement.

Fabulous Gift Tins for Fabulous Makeup.

Fun-loving makeup brand Peaches & Cream are renowned for their incredible makeup formulas that are not only packed full of pigment, but have packaging that packs a punch too.

Tinplate and Peaches & Cream had been working together for a couple of years to create new packaging concepts for their Christmas gifting range. With numerous projects under their belt that had been a massive hit with their customers, they wanted to explore new gift tin ideas and push the boundaries with a playful shape that was truly unique to the brand.

With the opportunity to open new tooling, the sky was the limit for potential shapes & concepts. The Peaches & Cream branding is very bold and feminine and so the idea of doll-shaped tins was very fitting. Both Peaches & Cream and the team at Tinplate were excited to develop something new and bring an original and distinctive product to market.

Mock-ups for two different sized dolls were made and Peaches & Cream set about putting their vision to paper and designing their bespoke artwork. We were able to use our vast print experience to help guide them and get the most out of their designs, with suggestions to optimise positioning and colour. We used gridlines to fix any distortion in the design caused by stretching of the substrate from the special curvature of the tin, and this ensured the end effect was perfect.

The final results were stunning; the striking designs really made their mark and both teams were thrilled with the results. The new tins were so popular with customers that lots of them bought multiple gift sets just so that they could collect all 4 designs.

“The quality of the tins always helped elevate our products to create gorgeous gifts that the customer loved. Tinplate never gave up on bringing our vision to life.”

Founder of Peaches & Cream

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