Shea Mooti.

Elegant and Eco-Friendly Tin Packaging.

Elegant and Eco-Friendly Tin Packaging.

Shea Mooti is a natural skincare brand dedicated to young babies and new mums.

Their focus is on natural, organic, baby-friendly ingredients based on pure ethically sourced Shea Butter.


Tin is an excellent choice as a presentation package. It is completely recyclable and suits Shea Mooti’s ethical ethos and elegant products.

Shea Mooti wanted to create a range of gift packs. Each pack would have a range of different products supplied inside: Mama’s New Beginnings Gift Set, New Mom’s Survival Kit, and Pampered Baby’s Sleep Kit. They wanted the tins to be the same size and with the same design. Each gift set could then be labelled to illustrate the range and the goods inside. It was important to create packaging that would not only fit the products, but would have an appealing shelf presence and a beautiful designed tin that the customer would want to keep.

Initially Shea Mooti wanted to place an order for 500 tins. Stock tins are a great choice when you’re unable to commit to the bespoke minimum order quantities or when a quick lead time is essential. The stock tins are still customisable and Shea Mooti took advantage of this by using embossing for their logo and screen printing for the silver flowers. We also added labels to each tin to indicate the product range, and on the back is a label listing the products inside.

“A lovely project where I was able to support a new start-up company with their first steps into tin packaging with a beautiful stock tin. It was great to see this tin perform so well for them that they were able to make their second order a bespoke tin manufactured to order. This meant they were able to continue to provide the same quality product yet reduce their packaging costs.”

Shea Mooti Account Manager


A tin is a perfect way to put together a range of gift sets

Shea Mooti’s brand is reinforced through the use of the same tin across different collections of products, but this also keeps design costs low for Shea Mooti. Not only can the tins be packed with new ranges and collections, but the end users will also want to keep a beautiful tin in their home for a long time to come.

Carefully selected embelishments

This case study really illustrates how a few carefully selected embellishments on a stock tin can really make the packaging original. Shea Mooti were very happy with the final product which is simple, elegant and suits their range perfectly.


When the time came to re-order Shea Mooti kept the same design but were able to increase the quantity and have the goods made bespoke. While the design and the quality remain the same Shea Mooti are able to keep their costs to a minimum.

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