Soap and Glory.

Charismatic tin packaging that's cost-effective.

Charismatic tin packaging that's cost-effective.

Boots understand the power of packaging and they use this to great effect in their Soap & Glory cosmetic range.

Using retro pictures and a characteristic pink, they work to ensure brand consistency across their formidable range.


For the cosmetic industry packaging is essential to ensure that a product stands out from the competition. Boots consistently use this at their disposal, but are always working to make sure that costs are kept to a minimum and margins remain in their favour.

Originally the Soap & Glory Righteous Butter was being boxed in rigid cardboard, but Boots contacted us to see if there was a more elegant and cost effective solution.


We worked to match the Soap & Glory pink and internally printed the tin with gold to reinforce the brand. In addition to this the lid was tooled with a window to display the product inside. We were also able to supply the ribbons for the tin – an addition that means the product can be hung rather than stacked.

“S&G are Fun, Fresh and Fearless and this is exactly what I found when working with them on this project. The iconic ‘The Righteous Butter’ had run its course in rigid card packaging and it was time to give it a makeover. Within a couple of weeks the mock-up was complete which was great as it helped to bring the product to life without the dated old-style packaging. The icing on the cake was the cost! When comparing the new tin with the old rigid card there was no hesitation and Boots made the transition to tin packaging, improving their margin. The tin continues to repeat year after year. ”

Boots/S&G Account Manager


Tin VS Cardboard.

We're delighted to be able to produce the tin at a lower cost than the rigid cardboard previously used. Tin is often perceived to be more expensive to produce and supply, but this illustrates the complete opposite.

Excellent Execution of Packaging.

Producing in large quantities we are able to ensure that the costs remain reasonable and with Quality Control based in close proximity to the factory we are able to review the production at every stage and ensure an excellent execution.

Creating a Long Lasting Impression

Boots were able to improve their margins on their product by producing the packaging at a lower cost and we were able to supply their customers with beautiful packaging that can be kept and treasured in the home. This ensures that their brand remains with the consumer and creates a long lasting impression.

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