Exquisitely designed with luxury in mind.

Exquisitely designed with luxury in mind.

Harrods multiple ranges of tea, coffee and hot chocolate tins are always exquisitely designed with luxury in mind.

We were approached by Harrods’ hot chocolate supplier to supply a new tin to meet their Christmas launch party in July (That’s right… July!). We have worked with them on Harrods tins in the past and we were approached for this project because of the quality and success of the previous packaging we had supplied.

The new design needed to be modern, sleek and a suitable size to pack for tourists. The tin features a gold clip lid with airtight seal, to keep the hot chocolate fresh for as long as possible. It’s printed in a festive metallic red, with a gold Father Christmas flying over the iconic Harrods building.

We worked with the factory to create a sample of the tin, but due to the complexity of the artwork, the print from the sample was not as defined as we would have liked. We recommend to sample tins for this reason; to make sure that the tin and the print measure up to our meticulous quality control. Usually we would make adjustments and create a second sample for approval, but due to the time constraints for the Christmas launch, this just wasn’t possible.


Rather than miss the deadline, we made the necessary alterations to improve the clarity of the design and sent a sheet from the bulk print to our client for approval. This saved much time and still meant that we were able to review the print changes and ensure that we and the customer were delighted with the end result before going into production. Our quality control manager was on hand to personally check the print met with the required standards.

“I've dealt with Tinplate for many years and have found them to be an essential part of our dealings with our customers who often require high quality, complex design and strict adherence to colour standards. I trust them to produce excellent quality work, and the customer service has been exceptional from day one. They are experts in their field, and I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who is looking for tins – they are a flexible, competent and professional organisation.”


Results Achieved.

Meeting lead times.

We met the delivery schedule, allowing our client to pack the Hot Chocolate and still meet the Christmas launch party. We continue to work with them on Harrods’ tins today and the feedback we have received is that we are an excellent and attentive supplier.

Tin enjoyed by everyone.

We love working with the same clients again and again to build trusted relationships and we are always excited to work with renowned brands, especially when we're able to help produce a tin that is luxurious, practical and enjoyed by the end consumer.

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