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We’ve Launched a Development Zone for Tinplate VIPs

We’ve Launched a Development Zone for Tinplate VIPs

And when we say VIP…we mean you! We’re very excited to announce the launch of the latest feature on our website. It’s a searchable database that gives people access to our exciting treasure trove of tins. Explore, search and get inspired by all the beautiful tins available for your packaging needs. Just imagine what we could be doing for you next…

Your chance to see what we can do with tins

Thanks to the security of our database, we can more openly share some of the exciting projects we’ve been involved with, like the tins we’ve done for some big multinational brands.

Opening up the Tinplate treasure chest means that you’ll have privileged access to our wide and varied portfolio of tooling and to see what we’ve been working on with our clients.

The database has been designed to be easy to use; it’s a place where we can really put our best foot forward.

Do you want to be a VIP?

Fancy getting your hands on the secret key to our development zone?  Just send us an email to enquiries@tinplate.co.uk and we’ll let you in.

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