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Square and Rectangular Tins.

There’s no need to think outside the box with our wide range of square and rectangular small tin containers, which vary from large to small metal tins

A5 Hinged Lid Tin

220 mm x 160 mm x 25 mm deep

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Square & Rectangular Tin Packaging

Our square and rectangular tins have been the favoured choice of some of the world’s most-loved brands for centuries. Rectangular hinged tin containers have been a favourite choice for tea, biscuits, chocolates and everything in between. Small metal tins have been the face of some true icons and even live on in homes as small storage tins for buttons, photos and cherished memories. As if this weren’t enough, our small metal tins are environmentally friendly, sustainable and recyclable. Elevate your small metal box with our wide selections of small storage tins, rectangular tin and square tins. Whether you’re looking for hinged, slide or slip lids, or disc cases for CDs and DVDs, our stock tins are capable of elevating any product to the premium end of the market, building trust with your customers. Making a good first impression is half the battle so send your products out in the right packaging to ensure shelf appeal. Our rectangular tin and stock tins have additional advantages such as low minimum quantity ordering and minimal lead time. This is perfect for projects needing fast turnaround time and limited production quantities. If you can’t find what you need below, feel free to contact us today. We are happy to help with any bespoke needs and have the tooling and expertise to realise your vision. Chief among these are our in-house embossing services, labelling and screen printing. We also specialise in adding foam to tins to secure the contents. All of this ensures Tinplate are with you from the conception to the finished product, a service no other manufacturer can offer.

Square Tins and Rectangular Tins: The Power of Packaging

In the world of packaging, square tins and rectangular tins are revolutionizing how products are presented. These unique containers not only offer practicality but also play a pivotal role in brand elevation and customer attraction. One cannot undermine the aesthetic appeal that these rectangular metal tin containers bring to your product. The charm of a small tin box or a larger metal tin box is undeniable. They offer an interesting mix of vintage appeal with contemporary functionality, making them an ideal choice for packaging various products, from confectionery items to cosmetics, teas, coffees, and even candles. Benefits of Square and Rectangular Tins 1. Brand Elevation: A well-designed square or rectangular tin can significantly enhance your brand’s image. It speaks volumes about your attention to detail and commitment to quality. 2. Customer Attraction: Customers often make purchasing decisions based on packaging. A beautifully designed metal tin box can catch their eye, thereby increasing the chances of them buying your product. 3. Durability: Unlike other forms of packaging material, metal tins are sturdy and long-lasting which makes them great value for money. 4. Reusability: One major advantage that comes with using square or rectangular metal tin containers is their reusability factor – customers can repurpose

Why Tinplate for you square and rectangular tins

At Tinplate, we believe in tradition. We’re a family business with almost four decades creating world-class tin products. We are lucky enough to have worked across several industries and sectors and are excited to take on new challenges wherever they may arise. Our history is not just long but also illustrious with several award-winning package designs to our name. Each and every project is measured up to our core beliefs of providing a quality product, on time and with the best customer service available.

Our Customers Love Us.

Here’s a few lovely things our customers have said.

“The quality, service and attention to detail from Tinplate has always been outstanding. Sue has the experience and expertise to understand our customers’ very high expectations and is a pleasure to work with. We thank all the team at Tinplate for their continuous effort and exceptional contributions towards our NPD process and for helping us continue to delight our customers with beautiful products. We look forward to working with them on future projects.”

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“Thank you so much for the ongoing support that you give to Whittard, at all stages of the process. We were delighted to win the coveted Packaging Re-Brand Award at the UK Packaging Awards, and recognise the part Tinplate played in helping us achieve this great accolade.”

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“Our Christmas tin range has been amazing & Tinplate are part of that success. Thank You!”

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“Beautifully printed and embossed range of square tins fit for pouring hot wax into without leakage. This new range was a big success and customers delighted.”

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