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Christmas Tins, with all the trimmings

Christmas Tins, with all the trimmings

Tin packaging is often synonymous with Christmas tins, whether it’s the tub of sharing chocolates, the packaging for the latest trending skincare giftset, or the cake tins filled with baked goodies for family and friends to enjoy.

The downside of presents under the Christmas tree, is the sheer amount of single-use & non-recyclable plastic packaging that overflows wastebins outside every house on Boxing Day. Tin is the perfect choice for gifting products as it goes a step further than disposable packaging; not only is it a beautiful way to present the contents, it is reusable, making it an extra element to the gift that can be treasured for years to come and hold special memories. Tins are for life, not just for Christmas!

Simple classic Christmas tins will always be timeless, but there are so many fun shapes & additions to tins that can make the products extra festive and stand-out on the shelf.

red box with biscuits on the bench


Amongst our vast catalogue of existing tin tools, we have a huge variety of creative shapes to suit the festive period. From Christmas trees & stars to penguins & snow globes, we might just have what you’re looking for, so have a browse through the irregular shapes on our database here. If you’re looking for something different, get in touch and we can look at creating it for you!


It’s possible to include cut-outs to add another dimension to your tin. This might be to add a window to give a sneak peak at what’s inside, or to make the tin multi-use as a lantern. Lantern tins can be re-used by adding candles or lights inside that shine through the cut-outs for a stunning projector effect. Take a look at the gorgeous lantern tins we created with Liz Earle here.

The simple addition of a coin slot turns a tin into a money-box, to be filled with coins (real or made of chocolate!).


It’s now more popular than ever to have all-singing, all-dancing packaging that is hugely impressive to the end consumer. We’re proud to say that we have the tin innovation to help you achieve this!

What’s a better keepsake than a carousel tin that spins while delicate music plays? Or how about a book tin that plays a classical piece of music and has lights that flash to the music beat?

Lights, pom poms, bells, ribbons, you name it, can also be added to customise your tin.


As well as experimenting with metallics and different varnish effects, have you considered personalisation?  We can elevate your design using the latest in print & tin innovation as we believe it’s all in the detail. We can add holographic films, 3D moulded embossing and debossing amongst several other techniques to make your tins truly bespoke to your brand.

‘Tis the season to unwrap festive joy with our Christmas tins! From classic red and green designs to whimsical holiday scenes, these tins are perfect for gifting treats, storing cookies, or adding a touch of merriment to your decor. Explore the magic of Christmas through delightful Christmas tins, the sky is the limit, please get in touch to discuss your ideas, no matter how imaginative, and we can work together to bring your Christmas tin to life

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