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Tinplate’s New Factory Opens Doors and Opportunities

Tinplate’s New Factory Opens Doors and Opportunities

Tinplate is pleased to present our brand new factory in Southwick. This family-run business has grown into one of the UK’s most trusted tin packaging manufacturers, working with a wide array of clients including Pukka Herbs and Whittard of Chelsea. This success has allowed our little family to grow and offer new opportunities to the local community, fulfil even bigger orders, and help bring exquisite, sustainable tin packaging to more customers. 

Tinplate’s New Factory in Southwick

Our new factory is a purpose-built site. We were involved with the builders from conception to construction. This allowed us to future proof the site for further advancement and growth. The extra space provides us with new growth. It also allows us to improve our workflow, whilst socially distancing ourselves, keeping up with client demands.


Some of the measures we have in place include;

– Staff temperature checks 

– Rigorous hand cleaning procedures

– Strict social distancing measures

– Hairnets, aprons and gloves must be worn for food packing  

– Masks are worn for essential run line work 

Safety in the workplace is of huge importance to us and our new facility has the space and scope to carry out projects while keeping our team safe and sound. This new state-of-the-art space also gives us more flexibility and allows us to turn orders around quickly. We have doubled our output capacity and are able to fulfil huge orders for nationwide rollouts and product launches. 


For example, we were able to pack 1.8 million tea envelopes into gift packs in August for a single client while still maintaining the demands of the rest of our clients. Along with production, our storage space has increased significantly. This additional room allows us to store stock, finished products and materials. As a result, we can plan workflow better, and respond quickly to client needs. 

Local and Sustainable

As a family business, we are committed to creating long-term, sustainable relationships, with our clients, employees, and the environment. We are pleased our new facility invigorated the local community by providing 12 new jobs to the area. Our hope is that as we continue to grow we’ll be able to help the community by providing more jobs and opportunities.

Tinplate factory exterior

Increasing our tin packaging products has also allowed us to reduce the need for plastics and fill shelves with reusable, recyclable tins instead. An example of this is our project with Pukka. Pukka’s organic teas and supplements are a mainstay on the shelves of major retailers. We produced nearly 70,000 tins for Pukka. All of this for worldwide delivery. With the addition of our new factory, we will be able to produce products more efficiently due to the increased space and improved factory layout. This allows all necessary inspections, weighing procedures, and so forth, to be carried out in a methodical organised manner.


We make a conscious effort not to have any single-use bags where possible. All cardboard, paper and tin materials are recycled to reduce our carbon footprint. 

We are so happy to have our new facility up and running. We work with everyone from one-off boutique lines all the way to national brands like Whittard of Chelsea, Pukka and The National Trust. If you’re interested in working with us on your next line of tin packaging or want to know more about what we can offer you please contact us. We can’t wait to help you realise your dreams.

Take a look at what some of our team have to say about the new space:

“The new site has given me more time to look at working practices and to gain confidence in becoming a better a manager. It’s a nice place to work at.”

“This is a positive move as we have a lot more room to be able to perform our jobs. Better facilities and a lovely setting outside to have our breaks.”

“As far as factories go, it’s one of the best… Everyone gets on, works as part of a team. No one is left out.”

“I think it’s brilliant that it’s all locally packaged and [I’m] proud to have it on the doorstep.”

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