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Round Tins.

Our tins are an all-round success

Flush Fit Aluminium Screw Lid Can

35-48 mm diameter x 16-20mm deep

10ml, 15ml, 25ml

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50gm Polish Tin

70 mm diameter x 20 mm deep

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Premium Candle Tin

75 mm diameter x 80 mm deep

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Candle Tin

76mm diameter x 65 mm deep

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Caddy with Slip Lid

90mm diameter x 115mm deep

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Round Kilner Tin with Clip Lid

95mm diameter x 130mm deep

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Tall Round Tin

107 mm diameter x 178 mm deep

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CD Tin

120 mm diameter x 18 mm deep

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182mm diameter x 70mm deep

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Round Tin Packaging

Tin packaging is timeless. Opening up a tin creates a deeply nostalgic feeling, whether it’s wondering what your family has got you for Christmas or sneaking chocolate from the sweet tin. Durable and a far superior alternative to plastic, our round tin products have universal applications including storage for gift candles, polish, sweets, cakes and countless other products. What’s more, tin is environmentally friendly, sustainable and recyclable. With the environment on consumers’ mind, there is no time like the present to switch to a green alternative. Our round tin packages come in various shapes and sizes including screw lid cans, caddies, cake tins, slip lid tins, candle tins, Kilner tins, and clip lids. This huge selection gives you the freedom to find the perfect fit for your needs and wants. Tin packaging also has the added benefit of adding a premium finish to any product. By using our top-class materials you’ll find your product trusted by your customers and giving pride of place on shelves far and wide. For production, our stock tins also have additional advantages such as low minimum quantity ordering and minimal lead time. This is ideal for anyone looking for fast turnaround time and limited production quantities. If you can’t find what you need below, feel free to contact us today. We are happy to help with any bespoke needs and have the tooling and expertise to realise your vision. Whether you need extras like foam inserts for contents, embossing, screen printing or labelling, we are with you from conception to completion. This service is one-of-a-kind and not to be missed.

Why Tinplate

At Tinplate, we believe in tradition. We’re a family business with almost four decades creating world-class tin products. We are lucky enough to have worked across several industries and sectors and are excited to take on new challenges wherever they may arise. Our history is not just long but also illustrious with several award-winning package designs to our name. Each and every project is measured up to our core beliefs of providing a quality product, on time and with the best customer service available.

Our Customers Love Us.

Here’s a few lovely things our customers have said.

“Thank you so much for the ongoing support that you give to Whittard, at all stages of the process. We were delighted to win the coveted Packaging Re-Brand Award at the UK Packaging Awards, and recognise the part Tinplate played in helping us achieve this great accolade.”

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“Beautifully printed and embossed range of square tins fit for pouring hot wax into without leakage. This new range was a big success and customers delighted.”

“Our Christmas tin range has been amazing & Tinplate are part of that success. Thank You!”

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